Project: Wekiva Wild and Scenic River User Capacity Study
Client: Wekiva Wild and Scenic River Advisory Management Committee
Project Team: Exum Associates, Barth Associates, DeLoach Engineering Science, and the University of Florida 


Exum Associates led a User Capacity Study to ensure that river recreation does not cause environmental impacts or user conflicts and is compatible with the qualities of a National Wild and Scenic River.


  • The 41.6-mile Wekiva Wild and Scenic River System lies just north of the Orlando metropolitan area, and experiences intense recreational use
  • Multiple agencies and private entities own land and operate recreational facilities along the River, and a coordinated effort was needed to implement a comprehensive approach to management


  • Captured existing conditions with site photos, GoPro videos, stakeholder interviews, GIS maps and GPS tracks of the River System,
  • Documented environmental degradation from recreational use,
  • Conducted a User Survey of recreationists in the River System,
  • Defined Desired Future Conditions for facilities, river conditions and the user experience,
  • Created a process for monitoring Indicators of Success and
  • Recommended actions to protect natural resources and enhance the user experience.