Project: Update status of conservation lands from the 2002 report titled Wildlife Habitat Protection Program in Pasco County
Client: Pasco County Natural Resources Division
Project Team:Exum Associates and ESA for GIS services


Assess land conservation and development impacts in Pasco County since the completion of a 2002 wildlife habitat protection program. Provide recommendations for improving the effectiveness of comprehensive conservation strategies and directing development in a more strategic fashion.


  • Extensive changes in development patterns required a detailed analysis of impacts and conservation related to Ecological Linkages defined in the 2002 study.
  • Understanding Pasco County’s Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, and Land Development Code was necessary to describe the current context related to conservation.
  • GIS analyses showed that more than 6200 acres of land was acquired by the County’s land acquisition program, while there was an 88% increase in the development footprint from the previous 25 years.


  • We defined the area of conservation in Ecological Linkages, Ecological Planning Units, and the Agricultural Reserve.
  • We proposed a new boundary for the Agricultural Reserve consistent with current development patterns.
  • Recommendations were given to the county for the next steps in conservation land acquisition, and planning strategies for directing growth.