Project: Conservation Planning for Lake Wales Envisioned
Client: The city of Lake Wales
Project Team: Dover, Kohl & Partners; Exum Associates


Create a comprehensive strategy for conservation that will define the limits of growth, protect biological diversity, and serve as a natural resource for the residence of Lake Wales.


  • Create an effective, large-scale conservation strategy to direct appropriate growth within the 50,000-acre municipal service area of the city of Lake Wales.
  • Identify patches of natural lands, particularly viable scrub, that can be connected to the network of conservation lands outside the urban core.


  • We created a strategy known as the Big Green Network that included approximately 17,500 acres of proposed conservation lands that would be linked to other public conservation lands outside of the municipal service area.
  • We identified parcels of intact scrub with listed species including sand skinks (Plestiodon reynoldsi) to serve as hubs of an internal green network.
  • We created a comprehensive strategy to link corridors of urban greenspace to large-scale conservation lands.