Lake Marion, Sedona Ridge, Dio, Tomoka Heights, Heartland, Westridge, Providence, Reunion Resort, Sebring Scrub and Greater Homes projects: Highlands, Orange, Polk and Osceola Counties, FL

DR Horton Parcel, Lake County, FL
Conducted surveys of the federally-threatened sand skink on land proposed for residential development; used cover boards along systematically placed transects to define the extent of occupied habitat.

Sedona Ridge, Polk and Osceola Counties, FL
Created a systematic survey methodology for surveying the federally-listed sand skink on this 800-acre parcel proposed for development. Our work resulted in several publications in peer-reviewed journals, and it provided a summary of the benefits of sampling for sand skinks in spring and fall.

Dio Parcel, Lake County, FL
Conducted a survey of the federally-listed sand skink on this parcel proposed for development. We prepared a long-term management and monitoring plan and received a Biological Opinion/permit from the US Fish and Wildlife Service for proposed impacts and conservation.
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Westridge Sector, Osceola County, FL
Conducted a sand skink survey associated with a land use study for the County. We proposed development buffers, conservation areas and management strategies for long term growth and natural resource protection.

Providence, Polk County, FL
Conducted sand skink surveys over 600 acres of historical scrub on this tract proposed for development.

Tomoka Heights, Lake Placid FL
Conducted sand skink and Florida scrub-jay surveys on an area proposed for private development. Used sampling protocol developed from past surveys on thousands of acres of scrub habitat to define occupied and unoccupied habitat for skinks.