Wildlife Surveys


Project: Breeding frog survey on the Seminole State Forest
Client: Pro bono work for the Seminole State Forest/Florida Forest Service
Principal Ecologist: Dr. Jay Exum conducted breeding frog surveys through aural identification at night over an approximately 18-month period. 

Isolated wetlands provide habitat for a great diversity of frog species that require ephemeral wetlands that do not harbor predatory fish. These wetland systems are extremely dynamic and frogs have adapted the ability to time their breeding cycles with rising and falling water levels.


  • As a part of a long running BioBlitz in the Wekiva Basin, Dr. Exum confirmed and expanded the list of known breeding frogs in the Seminole State Forest.
  • An additional marsh was documented as a breeding pond used by the gopher frog, a state-listed Species of Special Concern.
  • A total of 11 species of frogs was documented in numerous marshes in the Forest just west of the Wekiva River in Lake County.

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Aerial Photo of Isolated Marsh Seminole State Forest
Aerial Photo of Isolated Marsh – Seminole State Forest
Breeding frog survey study area - Seminole State Forest
Breeding frog survey study area – Seminole State Forest